Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What a Difference a Day Makes

Yesterday I was overwhelmed.

Work was draining and I am trying to squeeze in extra hours this week to meet a deadline.

Sydney has her recurring bum sparkle (i.e. scatological) issues which make her and me cranky. And requires a lot of reassurance, negotiation and trips to the bathroom with an unwilling 5 year old and an almost as unwilling Mommy.

Jackson was having a good day but he was banned from most of his usual electronics so was struggling to entertain himself. He had drawn up plans to make a rocket the night before and was on a house-wide search for an appropriately sized box. Jackson is unable or unwilling to perform these searches without a parent at hand.

Laundry was piled to the ceiling partly due to bum sparkle issues and the fact that we were away last week and the weather has been warm.

Jackson, fresh from science camp at a local university, then decided to do experiments. The default experiment when something more original cannot be tackled, is baking soda and vinegar. One day a couple years ago when I was feeling very creative and generous, I suggested they add food colouring to the concoction. So that is what Jackson and his 5 year old shadow like to do. This requires supervision or we'd have food colouring on the carpet.

So yesterday I felt grotesquely impatient but tried not to show it as they made their potions. The combinations of colours and watching the foam and bubbles just irritated me. I let them use up legions of the supplies before I shut down the operation. Jackson was a good sport. Sydney was crying that she had to save some of the colour he had just invented or she would never see it again. Even Jackson cleaning up VOLUNTARILY did not get me out of my funk.

Husband handled getting the kids clean while I tackled lunches and kitchen clean up. Then I heard a monstrous crash and I just knew Jackson had shattered the shower door. I prepared myself to see blood as I ran up the stairs as fast as my squatty legs could take me. I stood beside Husband, both of us in bare feet in a sea of white glass shards. Jackson was happily singing to himself and showering. Notably, the shower doors were in tact.

We looked around for what may have broken and realized the dome light over the tub had shattered for unknown reasons. Though extremely grateful that Jackson and the rest of us were out of range, it was another thing to clean up. I picked up the big pieces and then Husband vacuumed while I finished his story reading duties with the Girlie Goo.

After nine I realized we had to do one more load of laundry or I would have nothing to wear to work today.

I felt sorry for myself when I hauled my carcass up to our room at 10 knowing I would still have to reboot the laundry.

With the dawn of a new day, all the stresses of yesterday should have bled into today.

But today, work seemed less overwhelming.

When I went to pick up the kids at the "real live university", they had problems at the parkade and I was a few minutes late picking up, but it didn't phase me (and oh, how I hate to be late ...)

I came home less annoyed and very unusually carried Jackson's backpack up for him. When I realized said backpack was empty and he had left his water bottle and lunch bag at camp, I said "you need to keep track of your things" only once and without the usual accompanying lecture. This has got to be some kind of record.

Husband called to say he would be home early and I easily summoned the energy to race out as soon as he was home to pick up one thing from the Purolator depot and one from the Post Office. I even threw in a trip to the liquor store, getting provisions for a BBQ we are hosting this Friday.
We still have bum sparkle negotiations and a bored 7 year old to contend with and the laundry project to finish, but today I could cope.

What is the opposite of the saying "when it rains, it pours"? Good karma begets good karma?

What were the packages I picked up?

My passport.

And Jackson's jacket back from it's warranty repair trip. With an industrial strength zipper.


Ellie said...

"No rain, no rainbows". :)

And bum sparkle is my new favorite expression. As painful as it must be for all involved, that is the best term I have heard in a lnog time.

And my second new favorite expression is "grotesquely impatient". OH, I totally get how that feels.

I just love your blog!

Konnie said...

Ellie, Sydney came up with the bum sparkle herself a couple years ago and it stuck (no pun intended).

Hope you're surviving summer. Thanks for the compliment.