Friday, July 10, 2009

Week Deux

Week 2 of summer is over (that's 20% for those - like me - keeping track). It was a busy week for the kids and for us.

Sydney spent the week at Tiny Tykes Adventures Camp. This is a preschool camp for my grade 1 daughter. Because I made the grave error of birthing her in September, she does not qualify for any of the camps for grade one and up because you can't go to camps unless you are actually 6. Seriously, I know nightclubs that are easier to get into for 11 yr olds that the grade 1 camps for my grade oner. So she is relegated to preschool camps. This was the same one she was in last year and the theme was building, so a lot of Bob the Builder colouring, which in my estimation is geared to 2 and 3 year olds. She noticed she was the oldest in the class but happily, she didn't seem to mind. As she is petite she fit in size-wise and she said she helped the younger kids. Next year, happily, we can leave preschool behind, which is good because she will be almost 7.

This has been a week Jackson has been looking forward to: Legomation. He spent the week making movies with Lego, like claymation, only using Lego. Here is his creation

Last week on the last day of bike camp, Jackson told me with her usual fervor that he wanted to do something special with the family. He said he would need a few things: 2 bikes, 4 people, an MP3 player, and a CD of music. I told him we had all those things. Then he said "oh yeah and a school and a parking lot".

We spent the afternoon negotiating about which parking lot might work. He was adamant about going to the "bike camp park", which we eventually did after numerous attempts to point out there was a football game on, the season opener. He was not to be dissuaded. Why? He wanted to bike dance. It was more ride around wiggling his butt a little to Green Day, but he learned it at bike camp, and he had a pathological need to share it.

This week the J Boy came home, wanting to make movies. He first seems satisfied with this lower tech version of what he had done during the week just using our digital camera. He even insisted that Husband post it on YouTube, as he likes the fame this will obviously bring him:

By Saturday, Husband was harangued enough that he searched for and found an old webcam, and Jackson spent most of Saturday making some animation movies. Which were pretty good considering the poor quality camera and a certain degree of impatience on his part.

So let's review:

- bike camp leads to obsession with bike dancing

- Legomation camp leads to obsession making animation movies.

- this coming week's activity? Vacation bible school. I just hope we will not be booking travel to Syria to reenact Paul's missionary journeys.

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