Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sparkle Celebrations

Well it's been a few weeks but we appear to be on the verge of (yet again) conquering Sydney's bum sparkle.

We've discussed, listened, waited, threatened, bribed, pleaded, begged, persevered and prayed. And we've done a lot of laundry.

In the last 24 hours, Sydney purged her sparkle. Three times.

At the first sparkle event, I celebrated - I thought - the appropriate amount for someone not having sparkled in 7 days. Which is to say I squealed a little. I clapped and did a little bum sparkle dance. I gave the Girlie Goo a hug and told her how proud Daddy and I were of her.

The latter 2 sparkle events I missed but Daddy was around. I do not know the extent (if any) of his celebrations, but I know they will have been more muted than mine.

Today in a quiet moment, Sydney said "Mommy, next time I poo, can you be a little quieter?"

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