Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Radio Shrink

I flipped on the radio with the kids in the car today and a radio shrink was on. I thought I'd listen just for a minute as the kids were busy tormenting each other in the back so I had no one with whom I could have an intelligent conversation.

The Radio Shrink was dealing with a caller who wanted to know if it was okay to let her 6 month old baby stay with her parents over night (yes, it is.)

J: What is this even about?

Me: People are calling in if they have a problem.

Caller: I'm having problem with my husband. He says I don't obey him.

J: Mommy, do you have any problems?

Me: No, my life is perfect.

Caller: We are disagreeing on where to go on holidays.

J: But have you ever had a problem?

Me: Sure.

Shrink: Women run things in the home.

J: Have you ever called that lady with your problem?

Me: No, if I have a problem, Daddy and I talk about it.

Shrink: If the man wants new curtains they won't happen until the woman wants them.

J: What if Daddy is the problem?

Me: Well then it's most important to talk to Daddy about it. Just like if you have a problem with me or I have a problem with you, we should talk. It's best to talk to the person with whom you have the problem.

Shrink: Your husband probably thinks you make all the decisions in the house.

J: But that lady is having a disagreement about where to go on holidays and she isnt' talking to her husband about it.

Me: Well, she is calling a Dr. who is helping her with her problem. I don't think I would ever call a Dr. on the radio if ever I had any problems [I blog instead].

Caller: You're right. My husband thinks I make all the decisions. So you're saying I should obey him?


That was about 5 minutes too late.

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Ellie said...

Don't you love it when kids hit you with their irrefutable logic??!?! J is one smart kid.