Monday, July 27, 2009



We were invaded by something foreign last evening. It came quite suddenly and unexpectedly.

TSV: The Stomach Virus.

Husband called the J Boy to dinner and he said "I don't feel too well" and for emphasis emancipated the contents of his stomach.

Husband and I were stunned because we had had no hint of any unwell feeling and we're in the middle of a freakin' heat wave. How do these germs live? Unfortunately this stunnedness prevented us from directing the J Boy to the bathroom for about 3 seconds which meant a further emancipation. Really, 7.5 years into parenting, we should have better instincts.

Fortunately, this occurred on the hardwood floors and not carpet or other soft surfaces. After a lot of cleaning up (and my being very grateful that Husband was around because he often isn't) we got Jackson settled on the chaise lounge, with all soft surface protected and a bowl at hand.

The lad has inherited from his father's side, a rather sensitive stomach, which once it starts this whole process won't stop. You could set the Atomic clock by it. Every 30 minutes he would start to moan, a trip to the bathroom, and he would be fine. Of course after the initial event, not much was really happening. But his body was in the groove and would not stop. Or as the sickly one said "my body is controlling me". In the past we have had to take him to a clinic to get an anti-nausea shot and once he was very close to being admitted to the hospital for dehydration.

After each event, Jackson would say "I feel normal" and bound back to his spot on the lounger for more cartoons. At one point Jackson said "it's a pattern, I get a tummy ache, I throw up, I feel normal."

After 4 hours Jackson was moaning in despair "when will the pattern end??"

We made a bed for him in the hallway near the bathroom (we didn't think him climbing down the ladder from his loft bed to race to the bathroom was wise). The 30 minute cycle continued and we tried unsuccessfully to get meds on board that would slow this thing down and knock him out.

When he wasn't complaining about his tummy, he was begging for water. "I could drink a whole jug." "I would drink a whole swimming pool." "I'm so thirty, I haven't had a drink in days".

I felt a little sorry for myself that Husband got to go to work in the morning, which meant I was largely on night duty.

Sydney, of course, when this happened needed to be shuffled upstairs and out of the splash zone . I gave her a terse "Jackson is sick, can you go upstairs?". She asked about 1,000 "h0w did Jackson get sick?" The evidence was pungently before her, I didn't know what kind of answer to give her, but eventually she seemed satisfied with "he has a bug". She went upstairs.

A while later I went up to have a cuddle and check on her and she wanted to know about the bug living in Jackson. What kid of bug? A spider? A beetle?

She was a little put out by bedtime of all the attention her brother (and the laundry) was getting and also wanted to camp out in the hallway. To be safe we put down some towels in her room, as we knew she would likely succumb as well.

Just when I thought I would be up all night, at midnight, the sickie fell asleep with a few final moans. At 2 a.m. I woke up and realized Jackson was indeed fast asleep and this episode was in the books. I felt sorry for Husband that he couldn't sleep in.

At 5:45 a.m. Jackson bounded into our room like a puppy telling us he felt completely normal. Good, all I have to do is wash every surface he touched, launder every towel, blanket and sheet he looked at and hope this thing doesn't spread. But first, a little sleep in.

At 7:45 a.m. Sydney came in told me she needed me. Yup, round 2. Right beside the towels.

My daughter does not have the sensitive stomach. She doesn't moan. She doesn't complain. She was only sick once. She hasn't even shown any signs of feeling unwell and is begging for breakfast.

I'm busy prioritizing the laundry situation. Code red laundry is that which took direct hits or used in cleanup procedures. Code yellow is possible hits, things inside possible splash zone. Code blue is anything either kid has touched in the last 24 hours that isn't nailed down.

Husband, lucky bastard, got to go to work.


natesmom said...

Yuck! Yuck! Yuck!!! I feel for you!!!

Sounds like our kids are very similar (Nathan/J and Max/S)- Nathan always had the sensitive stomach- if we all got a bug, he would puke 'til near dehydration- Max would vomit once and be done with it. (Max,on the other hand, has the breathing issues).

I will say that Nathan was TEN before he finally learned NOT to come out to the livingroom (passing right by the bathroom) to tell us he was going to throw up before attempting (and failing) to make it BACK to the bathroom to vomit.

I say "learned" but was finally threatened: (Mean mommy moment) After my child has vomited all over the floor (at age TEN, mind you!), I threatened that he would have to clean up any future vomit that doesn't make it to a toilet or trash can.

mags said...

Heather, you made me laugh out loud again! Ha! I love your laundry descriptions, but that last line.......
that's the best!

Ellie said...

Oh, ugh. Poor guy. I love his commentary .. kids have a way of putting things so simply, don't they? We also have tummy 'bugs' here - my son said, the last time he was sick.. "I got the bugs, Momma". My daughter and I have that sensitive stomach, too - once we get started it just doesn't stop. Glad you avoided the hospital - and that everyone is on the mend!