Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Three Pillars of Girlfriends' Weekends

The Sisters just had the annual weekend away last weekend. The process started last fall when I fired out an email soliciting ideas for our weekend. The bad cops ignored me. L, my fellow good cop, told me she was up for anything. Then I got busy and didn't do anything about it till about February.

Then I fired out another email, more specific this time, suggesting Whistler. We can get reasonable accommodations due to flagging economy and May/June being the shoulder season. That gets L's attention and she googles her fingers to the bone looking for spas. Then we receive about 9 emails with all the spa options for Whistler.

Eventually, after the bad cops ignore several more emails, L and I make some tentative decisions about accommodations. We have to nail down a weekend. Between the four of us, we have 3 husbands (one who travels outside the continent A LOT!), 8 kids and busy lives (i.e. a soccer schedule to stick to). Somehow we zero in on a weekend and confirm our accommodation.

Next on the list is spa appointments, which generally must be made ahead of time so we can descend on the spa for simultaneous appointment and chortle over who has the worst callouses on her feet. (also we must suffer at least one rebuke for too much frivolitly as spa are supposed to be quiet. SSSHHH!)

Sometimes, we add arguing over paying the bill, and emails, threats and cheques are circulated so no one really knows how much is being paid to whom. And some of us don't pay very close attention to emails discussing cost. The bad cops are famously known for arguing about how much of the bill they get to pay.

The few weeks before we get down to brass tacks and discuss the food. Here is where L takes the lead. She'll have interesting suggestions for meals in and out. S will usually suggest a restaurant or two as she actually reads the newspaper reviews on such things. N will throw in a word on the subject, usually the word is SUSHI.

So have you figured out the three pillars of girlfriends' weekends?


FOODAnd because of all that food, we must WALK, or buy an entirely new wardrobe on the weekend. Wait a second, shopping? Maybe that should be FOUR pillars of girlfriends' weekends!

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