Thursday, June 25, 2009

Half Way

The J Boy is officially half way through elementary school. It seems that he just started kindergarten 12 minutes ago, but now he is half way to middle school.

He has had a good year. His report card describes him as "curious and enthusiastic". I always say he was born curious, so it's nice to see that he is his own self at school.

While I like to think I know my son quite well, as I constantly monitor his moods, patience quotient, hungry status and fatigue level hoping to ward off issues, he surprised me this week. At the year end class celebration, all the students made oral presentations on turtles. I must say, I did not know he had such a gift for public speaking. He spoke in a clear voice with great expression and did something we are not used to: he made eye contact with his audience. I guess all the practice presenting magic tricks and lectures paid off to his academic advantage.

He has had the same teacher, the same classroom and some of the same students for three years so this feels a little like the end of an era. Next year new teacher, and a new classroom, hopefully a little closer to the lost and found.

Congratulations J Boy, on to grade 3!!

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