Sunday, June 21, 2009

Favver's Day

Favver's Day has the same traditions as Muvver's Day in this house: family breakfast of cinamon buns served to the honoured parent. This year, the kids shocked and surprised me by setting the table at my casual mention that the table needed to be set. You would think this all the more remarkable if you had been around here yesterday to experience the confrontation over picking up a few toys. I thought they were allergic to doing any kind of chore around here. As ever, they continue to surprise me.

As always, Mommy stalked the family with the camera, as she does at all special events, and the family gamely smiled as they know resistance is futile.

Then onto the present-opening events:

And Husband was also presented with an original J Boy poem:

I Am With My Dad

We are at the high school ...
I'm excited to ride in the shining sun with my Dad.
I see lots of bikes as we ride on the track.
"Let's go again!" says my Dad.
His smile tells me he is happy.
I like biking with my Dad.


Ellie said...

Great pictures!! And I love the poem. You have a beautiful family!

Konnie said...

Thank you Ellie.