Sunday, May 10, 2009

Teachable Moments II

Faithful readers of this blog may remember last fall when S taught me a few things. Well, she is at it again.

It's kilometer club time at the kids' school. All students run laps around the school field and accumulate kilometers. This was the Girlie's Goo's first year of course and she was, to put it mildly, excited to be accumulating her ribbons. J Boy was also thrilled, although the bloom was a little off the rose as he chose to walk and socialize some days so his ribbon collection is not quite as extensive as last year.

S had a substitute teacher for a couple weeks in peak kilometer club season and for a few days they didn't get their running in. S was getting a little tense over this. She sighed a little when she said they didn't run. Eventually, the sub got with the program and S was earning her ribbons.

One Friday, I was in the class for "noisy reading" and I noticed she had only 2 laps until she earned her 15 kilometer ribbon (it's on a big chart in the class). I remarked and the teacher overheard and said that they would be running that day.

After school, I supportively asked her how many laps she had run, knowing that she does at least 2, usually 3 or 4 and sometimes 5.

"Zero", she responded, just a little despondently.

"Didn't your class do kilometer club today?"

"Yes, but I had to take Sp back to the class to get her jacket and then I had to take her to the bathroom, so by the time we got back kilometer club was over".

Hmm. Of course I am tempted to lodge a formal complaint with the Czar of Kindergarten over why S had to be the chaperon for another 5 yr old when those bloody ribbons are so coveted. But I have learned that the kids (and I) have to learn to take the lumps at school (and I do know this is not much of a lump). Things are sometimes beyond our control and we all need to be good-natured about it.

"Well you were a good friend to Sp today". (Sp does not speak much English, which is likely why she required a mini-chaperon.)

Fast-forward to Monday after school. "S, did you do kilometer club today?"


"Did you get your 15 kilometer ribbon?"

"No. I only did one lap."

"Did you only have a short turn today?"

"No, I was running, and then I saw K walking all by herself so I walked with her. She hurt her neck."

"You are a very good friend", I say and meaning it. Nothing warms a mother's heart such as unselfishness.

The next day, in what I thought was a pep talk for S, I said "when you run kilometer club, remember while it's good to be a friend, it's also okay to run".

"Mommy, it's only a ribbon. If I hadn't walked with K she would have been all by herself."



Momof5 said...

Excellent pep talk S gave you, huh? Isn't it wild how we think we're always "raising" our children until we realize how much they are "teaching" us? Beautiful post! God Bless!

Konnie said...

Thank you Momof5!