Sunday, May 17, 2009

Nutty Things People Are Getting Rich Off

I have created a new label Nutty Things People Are Getting Rich Off because in this economy, I think people getting rich selling or marketing ridiculous things should be applauded for their resourcefulness and unmitigated gall.

The first entry is Office Supplies, where I discovered anti-bacterial pens, which I hypothesized could be used for emergency tracheotomies.

This is the latest entry to my new category:

Can guess what this is?? We saw it on our recent Escape at a stylish airport hotel. It was available in the mini-bar along with extortionately-price cashews and Budweiser beer. I thought hair spray or shaving cream initially. It costs $14.95 if you break the cellophane wrapping and $79.95 if you take the cannister home with you.

And the answer is: Seriously, how much oxygen could fit in that little can!

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