Saturday, May 16, 2009


Husband and I recently began swapping kids with my bro and sister-in-law. Well not swapping like at the same time where they take our kids home and we take theirs (though, that is an interesting notion...). We took theirs for an overnight in April and last night was our revenge, er, turn. The kids, it turns out, love sleepovers and we adults, desperate for a meal uninterupted, are more than happy to oblige.

The blessed event was to start Friday after school. The plan was to bring the kids home after school for a quick snack, load the van and off we head into long weekend traffic.

In order to ensure perfect execution of this plan, I should have been at the school during the lunch hour when J and his friends accidentally sent a ball down a path just off the schoolgrounds, where it landed in a hole. Then I would have known that when I picked him up at 2:45, he would have an urgent need to go explore that path. I do not really understand why as the ball was retrieved in maneuvers that included making a "human ladder" (chain).

J Boy, to put it lightly, was not to be dissuaded of his intended mission. In a generous effort to compromise (if I do say so myself), I said they could have 5 minutes at the park. But it would take at least 5 minutes to reach the path, never mind the time for the exploratory missions, so I could not allow that. I tried to be firm, calm, even if I did roll my eyes at any sympathetic Mom I saw.

J edged down the path away from the parking lot and toward his target. My voice started to get a little high pitched as I could see this going in a very very bad direction.

In a flash of brilliance, the glow of which I am still basking in, I uttered five magic words which made him stop in his tracks, run up the path to the van and even threw in a "Yes, Ma'am!" The magic words:

"Uncle Buck has a Wii!"

J wants to play Wii in the worst way. S has the pleasure of playing earlier in the week at a playdate and he is desperate to have his chance. My brother has the object of his desire and I used that to full advantage.

With the J Boy in my pocket, we hit the road nore or less on schedule with my threat that I would not allow J to play the Wii at Uncle Buck's if he were to behave irresponsibly on the drive over. The trip was long because long weekend traffic is not bad enough in Vancouver, so the major highway was closed down for a bit, which creates backlog on all main arteries.

We had some tense moments when J, acting as the truth police, thought S was not being truthful when she told of what happened at school: a ball went down a path and into a hole and it had to be retrieved. A human chain was required to save it. Sound familiar?? The J Boy thought so as well and was determined to find a way to prove whether the story had happened and whether the only original part of this tale was true: that S had fashioned a bungee cord from a piece of rope and hook that she found near the hole.

"I'm going to ask Ms. M on Monday if that really happened."
"She'll probably forget."
"Who is the best rememberer in your class?"
"I am."
"Who is the second best rememberer in your class?"
"Ms. M."

You can see the bad direction this might head in.

But with a few more Wii-threats we did make it to my brother's where Husband met me and we made a hasty exit.

Where did we go? To a hotel. At the airport. We are likely the only people to have stayed there when we weren't leaving the next day, or about to get on a cruise. (We got a good deal).
It was pretty fun watching the planes land and takeoff, watching routine maintenance and seeing how they hook up those little machines and push the planes back from the gates.

Our first order of business was a hotel picnic! We decided to enjoy the room and relax with wine and cheese and meats and bread and crackers. (I even remember to bring a table cloth).

Oh, here is the guy I went with (he is kind of serious about his wine):
And, if case you didn't know, this is what $43 gets you for breakfast at the Fairmont Vancouver Airport (coffees and juice excluded):


mags said...

If you guys ever make it to San Francisco - call us! When I saw your hotel picnic spread - I thought to myself..."the 4 of us would so get along!"

Konnie said...

We will make it eventually and you and S will be welcome to join us for a hotel picnic!

mags said...

That would be great! We are already formatting a mental list of the foodie places we would recommend and/or take you to!