Friday, April 3, 2009


Our little personal trainer is responsible for me getting yet more exercize. As if the occasional Pilates session in front of the TV and doing grocery shopping isn't sufficient. (Well I have been playing a little soccer lately too.)

S insisted on taking a soccer class on Friday mornings. I decided that I would go to the gym at the rec centre where the soccer class is. Nothing too remarkable about this as Husband has no doubt tired of me resolving to exercize during the kids' activities as I always threaten and never make good.

I then discovered that a spinning class was scheduled for exactly the same time as S's soccer class right across the hall. I took it as a sign. I've spun a little here and there over the years (like many years ago) and know it's an awesome workout for the very fit. Which I am not.

Which is why I decided the heck with signs, I am not doing a spinning class. I needed to have a little more leg strength and endurance before I accomplished that feat. I did not cancel my workout. I decided I'd do a little cardio and some resistance training while S was on the soccer pitch.

I dusted off my workout clothes, purchased 2 years ago in the (false) hope that new duds would resusitate my exercize routine. I was thrilled when I put them on this morning and I did not hear the stitches ripping. In fact, the few pounds (very few) that I lost recently, made me feel pretty good. I would have worn the matching top but I didn't have my armpits shaved so I found a black t shirt.

Any glee over perceived un-fatness in exercize pants was short-lived when I discovered that my fanny belt, for water, keys and if needed nitroglycerin tablets (okay not really) was too tight. By at least an inch. I do have work to do.

Off to the rec centre. I boldly bought an 11 visit pass and committed myself to at least 10 more workouts. I discovered when I got there that the spinning class had room. (You have to phone ahead to reserve a bike so I didn't expect that I could get in, even if I wanted to). I took a spot.

I got S settled in her class and got a bike at the back of the class that looked like it was set at the lowest setting, for my just over 5 feet frame. Not that I couldn't somehow sort out how to adjust a bike, but I did not want to expose myself as spinning rookie.

I was exposed very shortly anyway.

We started off with a warm up. Some stretching and light spinning. I can handle this. We upped the tension on our bikes and I thought I bet I can do this for 45 minutes. I mean, it's hard but I am willing to push myself. I'm working up a sweat, pushing on those pedals and it feels good. Spinning is hard.

Then I heard the instructor say "this will be our recovery, from when we're working hard."

Suffice it to say, I impressed even myself by finishing the class and being able to walk out of the room under my own steam. I may be standing alot (or lying down) over the weekend, but hey I feel good.

I thanked the intructor and told her I hadn't spun much in years. She told me it will take about a year to be able to do it full on. I was thinking more like by bathing suit season. Sigh. I guess Rome was not built in a day.

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