Friday, April 10, 2009

Then and Now

This week marked the anniversary of my birth. I won't say what anniversary it is, but will say that the number rhymes with smorty-smeven. I admit as I careen closer to the number that rhymes with smifty, I do feel a need to look and feel "young". So I got highlights, new glasses and re-committed to exercise and good health.

I try to consider birthdays to be neither too big nor too little of a deal: neither something that requires pomp, circumstance and unbridled pampering, nor something to to ignored, glossed over or denied.

It was a busy week so no time family celebrations but I did sneak in a lunch, a coffee and a glass of wine with various friends. I also had 25 Facebook friends send me good wishes, received a couple emails, some cards via snail mail and several phone messages. Tomorrow, I look forward to my birthday breakfast with my family. Next week dinner my family with dine with my parents and a nice evening out with Husband awaits us when planets and calender permit. I am still enjoying pink roses from a celebration a couple weeks ago with Husband's family.

I feel very loved. And blessed. Even if I am smorty-smeven.

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