Sunday, March 22, 2009

UnBreaking of Spring

As spring break wound done to a close today, I wanted to do 2 things:

1. Prepare and file our Income Tax returns.

2. Tidy my decidedly untidy side of our bedroom (Husbands is already tidy, as it always is).

I have been putting off the taxes. Preparing the returns is not hard. Our earnings and expenses are pretty uncomplicated and I feel generally qualified and up to the task, seeing as I am a tax lawyer and all.

The challenge is finding all the forms and receipts. We mostly stuff them into an envelope marked "2008 Taxes" as they come in, but there are always a few dilatory ones that drive me insane as I shuffle through pile after pile of papers trying to locate them.

Well, I took the bull by the horns this afternoon as the kids were playing as happily and 2 siblings weary of each others company after 9 days can be. Husband was ready to intervene over the squabbles. I entered in Husband's T4 (record of income) and got this good news:

I told Husband the good news, that we could finally afford the kitchen reno of our dreams and maybe even hire someone to clean around here once in a while. But the euphoria wore off once I realized we could not be receiving back many times more than we paid and discovered that I missed a decimal point.

Meanwhile the friction twins were arguing about who got to play with the only ball they could find in the backyard (I believe squirrels must have taken the other 30 that I know were there last fall). The only suitable ball that could break the impasse was seen to be a beach ball estranged from our family for a couple of years. Husband, in a well-meaning effort to get the Bickersons out of our hair for 20 seconds, suggested that they check the linen closet upstairs where we keep the beach towels and pool things that float. They did and came down the 20 seconds later empty-handed as unhappy as they went up.

I should have wondered just how they could have determined so quickly that aforementioned beach ball was not there. As I reached the top of the stairs, I was greeted by a massive pile of entangled sheets, blankets and table clothes and realized that they pulled everything off of every shelf they could reach in both linen closets.

Ironically, just today I had been telling Husband that when we moved into our house in June 2006, I went for speed over accuracy in unpacking intending to organize later. I never did get back to our linen closets.

So instead of surfing the Internet for available military elementary schools to send the offspring, I seized the twilight of our spring break to organize the closets.

Everything is folded. Well the fitted sheets are more squashed together as I have never been able to get those to fold nicely. I was always convinced that no one that has not worked in the linen department at Sears can either (or to reverse that double negative, only those that have worked in Sears linen departments can fold fitted sheets). But the mother of one of my "Sisters" excels in the ability to fold fitted sheets so you could fit it in an envelope and mail it with no need for extra postage. (Mrs. F, are you busy??)

None the less, I'm pretty proud of my effort and want it recorded on the blogosphere as I doubt it will last into the next calender month. And yes, I even made labels for every shelf. Take THAT Martha Stewart.

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