Friday, March 27, 2009

Twins Day

Because keeping track of field trips, pictures days, hot lunch days, pizza days, show and tell days, library days and gym days is not sufficient work for the parents, our kids' school (and I think it might be a student council that did this...) implemented twins days.

Twins day, also called give-the-kids-license-to-shun-other-kids-day, is where kids may dress up like a friend.

On Tuesday for the first time I saw a notation that Friday is twins day. This is of course at the beginning of my work week (i.e. not at school for pickups or dropoffs). No other explanation is given other than "kids may dress up like another student in the school".

S: Can I be twins with J?
Me: I'm not sure. I think you're supposed to dress up like someone in your class.
S (puppy dog eyes): But I want to be twins with J.
Me (re-reading notice): it does say "another student in the school". You can ask him, I guess. (Though I am not really sure what the point is of being twins with someone in the school whom you won't see all day)
S: J, will you be twins wiff me?
J (on the computer): Huh?
S: Will you be twins wiff me?
J: Umm ....
Me: J, do you have twins day on Friday too?
J: What?
Me: Do you have twins day on Friday?
J: What's that?
Me: Where you dress up like another student?
J: No.
Me (to S): We'll find you someone in your class for you to be twins with.
J: Oh Mommy, on Friday, I need to wear my jeans, my school Tshirt and my running shoes.
Me: Why is that?
J: Because N, B, E and I are all dressing up the same.
Me: So you do have twins day?
J: Yes. Mrs. C. had us divide into groups to dress up like twins. (some sanity prevails as teacher facilitates twin - or quad - matching).
S (becoming anxious): I'll have to find a buddy to dress the same as.
Me: Yes, we'll find you a buddy (Not exactly sure how as I'm not going to be at work the next 2 days.)
S (as if reading my mind): Mommy, can you write a note to Ms L and ask her to help me find a buddy?
Me: Of course.

(I dutifully write a note to Ms L and ask whether they will assign buddies in class or whether I'm supposed forego my usual evening hobbies of doing dishes and overseeing homework in favour of phoning through the class phone list to find a buddy for S - - I say it a bit nicer than that. Wednesday morning, I tell Nanny about the note in case Ms L talks to her about it at kindergarten pickup. When I get home from school on Wednesday, Nanny reports that Ms L said nothing to her and there is no return note in her backpack.)

Me (to S): Did you talk about twins day in class?
S: No.
Me: We'll ask Daddy to figure it out tomorrow at kindergarten pick up.
S: Okay
S: Mommy?
Me: Yes?
S: I'm supposed to dress the same as T on Friday.
Me: Is she your buddy?
S: Yes.
Me: Did you talk about what you'll wear?
S: No.
Me: That's okay, I'll email her Mommy and we can work it out.
S: Mommy?
Me: Yes?
S: T said something about wearing something light pink.
Me: Like a top?
S: I can't merember. We talked about it and then it was time to go to library and we were going to talk about it at center time but then T left early and we couldn't talk about it so I don't know.
Me: I'll email T's Mommy, don't worry.

(So I email T's Mommy. I don't get to it until late Wednesday and don't hear about it by the time I leave for work on Thursday. I leave Husband strict instructions to forward any emails referencing twins day. When nothing arrives, I give a detailed description of T and her Mommy so Husband can try to have a face to face discussion to iron out the Friday wardrobe. I get home from work and Husband tells me that T was picked up early so he's no further ahead in solving twins day situation.)

Me: S, did you and T talk about the twins day?
S: No. We didn't have time.
Me: I'll phone her Mommy tonight.
S: Okay Mommy.
Me (to Husband): Could this be any harder?
S: Mommy?
Me: Yes?
S: I'm not twins with T anymore, I'm twins with P now.
Me: Oh, so what are you going to wear?
S: A jeans skirt and a blue butterfly top.
Me: You don't have a blue butterfly top.
S: I know to I'll just wear my school t shirt because it's blue.

This morning S was foggy on exactly what was discussed with P. She thought it was a jeans skirt, but thought it might also be jeans. Also, the colour of the top was in question. So S was dressed for kindergarten in a jeans skirt with pink leggings and her blue school T shirt. I also brought an an extra bag of clothes - pair of jeans, black pants and tops in light blue, green, pink, white and black. P showed up wearing jean skirt with leggings. Big score! P was wearing a green top so a quick wardrobe change and the girls matched.

So another dressup occasion conquered. I just hope I get at least 4 days notice before the next dress up event, likely to be dress up as your favourite mythological sea creature.

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