Monday, March 30, 2009

Ghosts? Gremlins?

Husband and I are starting to wonder if our house is haunted.

About 2 weeks ago, we were awaken but an enormous sound. We both jumped out of bed, adrenaline pumping. It sounded like a noise from the kids' bathroom, maybe something falling into the bathtub which of course registers on the Richter scale even if it's only a rubber ducky.

I assumed that J Boy made a nocturnal pee pee visit and knocked something into the tub in his stupor. Husband went to investigate. He was gone several minutes so I assumed that the clamour has also scared the crap out of J and Husband was getting him settled back into bed.

Husband came back with a puzzled look on his face. Both kids were fast asleep. There was something in the tub, but it somehow didn't make sense that it could make the noise. We both agreed it was either two noises or a longer noise. We both pondered this as we attempted to get back to sleep. I stared at the green light on our alarm system, knowing that if an intruder was in the house it would go out and I could wake Husband up to investigate (thought I did this one other night and it turned out to be J wandering around the family room thinking it was time to get up at 3 a.m).

The next day I went to put away some recycling in the laundry room and found the source of the noise. A shelf affixed to the wall had given way. I really don't know why those flimsy brackets could not hold a basket of batteries, a pail full of cleaning products, 4 litres of wiper fluid (one gallon) and a heavy flashlight. Mystery solved (but the shelf is still not repaired - Husband has been busy filing paper).

Fast forward a week. Husband and I are watching a show in our room, S is asleep and J Boy is in bed nursing a loose tooth that should have come out months earlier. The smoke detector goes off. Now this is a frequent occurrence in our house as the smoke detector often goes off when we open the hot oven door, light a candle or sigh heavily. We have a whole procedure that involves flapping a tea towel, opening of certain doors, closing of others. The whole family knows the drill.

But on this evening, we are done with cooking (or reheating as it usually is in this house) and no one was breathing heavily. We bolt out of our bedroom and we smell smoke and it's fresh. We run downstairs thinking we left the toaster oven on (again) but the smoke smell is not down there and seems to be isolated upstairs. There are only 2 lights on upstairs and nothing else is plugged in. Husband and I run around like wild chickens looking for the source of the smoke. Husband retrieves the mini fire extinguisher and we are feeling walls for potential sizzling wires within them.

The smell does seem isolated in the hallway. It's not getting stronger otherwise I would have taken the kids outside and called 911. But we want to know the source as we obviously will not go to sleep with something smouldering in the house.

I think Husband got the idea that a bug in the light might be the culprit. Sure enough, a little beetle has the misfortune of landing on the bulb in our sconce, which is conveniently located just under our smoke detector. Another mystery solved.

We do wonder what the house has in store for us next? Chandelier falling from the ceiling? TVs mysteriously turning themselves on in the middle of the night? I am personally hoping for the house to spontaneously clean itself.

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