Friday, March 13, 2009

Breaking Spring

It's the last rest station before the end of the school year. Spring break and then the final leg of the school and onto summer holidays.

Husband and I are taking this week off. We have a mini-trip planned and will enjoy some quieter days (we hope). We also have 4 birthday parties to attend over the 2 weekends. I am looking forward to it all.

Husband reminds me that we have a 5 hour car trip to get to our destination and J Boy is not known for tolerating 10 minute car trips to the mall.

S reminded me that holidays don't necessarily bring perfectly compliant children even if we are doing super-fun-kid stuff. And I do assume when we spend money to do fun stuff, they will behave.

Just yesterday S threatened to throw a toy basket over the railing downstairs. Her Daddy told her (rather uncharacterically) sternly not to. Not only did Husband not want a mess, did want her to be respectful of our belongings, but he and the J Boy were pretty much in the line of fire if she did cause the basket to become a missile.

She threw it. She just barely missed her Daddy's head. There was an enormous bang in addition to miscellaneous rattles as toys scattered in our entry way. Husband and I both looked to see what had made the noise. None of their toys are that loud (cheap plastic toys crack and break, they don't bang). Husband's cranium just narrowed missed an assault of my bible. Both testaments.

I don't know how it ended up in the toy basket, but it's a good thing we found it. It might give us strength so survive our 3 day road trip.

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