Monday, February 16, 2009

Why We No Longer Need Toys

As you will experience from the following photo essay, we no longer need buy toys because the kids have taken over the house as their personal play place. They have created a hotel and no corner of the house is sacred. J wants to be a hotel owner when he grows up. S wants to work at J's hotel. I am thinking "FREE HOTEL ACCOMMODATIONS FOR OUR RETIREMENT!!". I just hope the boy's hotel is somewhere warm or picturesque at least near golf courses!

No, this is not a part of the private health care system. He named the hotel after himself. His middle name is Isaac. I don't think we have ever told him how to spell that.

Obviously, the front desk. Have I mentioned he's still working on spelling?

You cannot fault the boy for lack of signage. Or amenities. His own bedroom holds the pool, club, model museum, museum and planetarium.

No explanation required.

We have not yet clarified if we are "Staff".

We always tell them "we are not running a cafeteria" yet, we find signs to that effect in our kitchen.

Are you getting an idea of the scope of this issue?

20 Bonus Points if you can decipher this.

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Cath said...

Janitors closet?