Tuesday, February 17, 2009

When Good Hockey Games Happen to Bad Parents

A good hockey game began. Husband and I took our spots in our room to enjoy. I was exhausted from a half day at work, back to back conferences at school and an endless string of friction-soaked encounters with the J Boy. Husband, well, the Canucks are his only hobby, if you don't include vacuuming and high level debating with J and trying to convince S to come out of a world class pout.

Husband checked on the kids and had a vague conversation about cooking stuffies. There is a well-established legal principle of wilful blindness (intentionally not asking questions so as to be able to later claim ignorance of a crime). Husband and I chose to focus on the game and be wilfully blind as to what might be about to happen downstairs.

The house was a little too quiet, which can mean they are engrossed in an inane cartoon. Or that they are really cooking their stuffies and serving them up on platters:


murph said...

This could SOOOO be my house! Stuffies have not yet been cooked but I wouldn't be at all surprised to see such a thing. We also get a lot of signage posted for random reasons. e.g. "Catfish (the cat's name) only. No dumping or tresspassing." Or "Job chart: k- sharpen pencils; A- picking flowers; Daddy - being big; Mommy - cleaning." C, not surprisingly, loves that division of labor.

Konnie said...

M. Lucky C. I too would like the job of being big. Cleaning is also what I'm delegated. Unfortunately, I do it badly.