Saturday, February 28, 2009

Going Green

J Boy has been doing martial arts for 8 months. What appealed to us was additional physical activity. That appeals to us because it has the theoretical possibility of wearing the boy out a bit more and making bedtimes a little easier. As in many things, we're not sure the theory really translated to practice. However, the discipline and emphasis on good behaviours at school and at home is music to our ears.

What appeals to the J boy is progression. Each month they work on one stripe. After four months, they test the student and if they perform all the stripes adequately they get their red stripe and earn the next belt. The visible progress they make each month keeps J and other students motivated.

J just earned his green belt. At graduation, he demonstrated all his skills and received his new belt. We made a bit of a celebration of it and invited Oma and Opa to come and watch and we all went out for dinner afterward.

We enjoyed seeing J do something special to him. S never feels left out because as J earned his green belt, S gets his gold belt complete with stripes. J has his own ceremony for her at home.

That makes our hearts melt with pride, even more so than the earning of belts. He's solicitous and inclusive of his sister.

And makes the annuity we pay to the martial arts school almost worth it.

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