Sunday, February 1, 2009

Girlfriend Requirements

Girlfriends are as necessary to the modern Mom as is oxygen, goldfish crackers and a sense of humour. I mean Girlfriends with a capital G. Not just a girl who happens to be a friend in the sense of sharing an hour every Tuesday after school while your kids are at gymnastics. I mean Girlfriends who get you and with whom you need not put on a pretense of having the whole motherhood thing figured out.

Exhibit A, my Girlfriend C. C has 3 gorgeous daughters and V, middle gorgeous one, is S's best friend. They go to different schools now so we try to make a point of getting together for playdates. As demonstrated by recent playdate, C meets and exceeds all Girlfriend requirements:

1. Nonjudgmental: she did not judge me when S arrived with mismatched socks. And I don't mean just her socks didn't match her outfit (though they didn't). She wore one white sock with a yellow stripe and one 2 tone blue sock with a kitten on it. C was only impressed that we were there within one minute of our estimated time of arrival.

2. Generous: Even though I turned down snacks with tea, she got out the "adult chocolates" and insisted I have a few.

3.Gracious: When J started digging into the storage room and thought he hit the motherload in camping equipment, she only casually remarked on the need to stay on the "clubhouse" side of the storage closets.

4.Understanding: After I caught J jumping on the bed in the master bedroom, she readily agreed that kids just will not listen and J must have had excess energy to burn that afternoon.

5. Flexible: She let S take off her shirt when she was hot and ran barechested through the house. She didn't flinch when V wanted to do the same.

(I just hope we're invited back!)


Anonymous said...

Heather, you have no idea how much fun I have when we get together. It's amazing how our kids all get along so well. I'm glad you didn't judge ME for the fact that my 7 and 5 year olds actually own and wear their own bras! I just hope the bare-chested-bra-wearing parades with J present come to a stop before they reach the teen years...

You're welcome over any time "G"irlfriend!

Konnie said...

I laughed out loud at your comment. Yes, forgot about the whole bra thing. Luckily J is either to clued out to take notice of any bras or too busy jumping on your bed.

Next time at our place. Maybe we can include our husbands.