Saturday, January 24, 2009

Toy Tiger

Lest I be accused of focusing on the challenging days requiring patience, calm and creativity or strong resolve, let me tell you about the Toy Tiger.

J Boy announced a new family tradition tonight. He let it be known that one day every month the Toy Tiger would visit each member of the family. I think the idea was that the Toy Tiger would visit on the day of the month that each person was born. But when J noticed that today was the 24th and his birthday is on the 23rd, the tradition shifted even before it started.

The Toy Tiger comes on a random day and brings toys for everyone in the family. He leaves them under pillows. Santa meets the Tooth Fairy.

He gave me the fantastic news and then went up to tell his Daddy and his sister. J Boy can't just share such great news once so we were all treated to multiple visits with his excited tones as he expounded on the wonderfulness of the Toy Tiger.

When the news was finally getting old, he told us that we could write notes to the Toy Tiger and make requests for toys. So S and I dutifully wrote notes and left them by the front door.

This may have everything to do with it being 11.5 months to Christmas and a small lament that Valentines isn't really much of a toy giving and receiving holiday (yet).

But the boy was quite excited about the giving and not the receiving and so I was charmed by his enthusiasm and look forward to sleeping on a lumpy pillow tonight.

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