Friday, January 2, 2009

Putting Away Christmas

January 2 and we're taking down Christmas. I normally have very strict rules about de-decorating on December 27th, but since we had a family gathering on December 28th, we couldn't do it. Not that the house had to be decorated for family. It's just that we didn't have time to spend a day doing the Christmas decluttering plus our usual stash and dash to get ready to have people to our house.

With 2 gigantic Rubbermaid, 2 large, 2 small plus big boxes for our two trees, I am forced to admit we gotta lotta Christmas decorative items. We have Christmas linens, aprons, dishes, bowls, serving plates. We have stockings and garland and houses and Christmas stuffies. The most precious things are the kids' projects from years gone by.

The genesis of this sizable collection came before I was married. I would exchange gifts with several girlfriends (before we got the idea that we should skip the gifts and enjoy a Christmas meal together instead as none of us needed anything). Invariably I would get a few tasteful decorations (I'm lucky that my girlfriends all have the same excellent taste as me). So I blame my 2 decades of adult spinsterhood on the glut of Christmas stuff.

Of course once I accumulated Husband, family and house (in that order) I had more surface area to cover and could seriously develop a theme. I knew even when J was a baby that I wanted to go light on Santa, and so came the snowman theme. And my theme of blue along with the red and green.

We had so much that the kids each took armfuls of things up to their rooms to create their own Christmas wonderlands in their rooms. When we asked J Boy to bring down the treasures, he blew a gasket (happily, one of few gaskets blown this holiday season). It seems he wants to store his stuff in his own closet. But no, these things all have homes in my appropriately labelled Rubbermaids. We eventually compromised and he is housing a few of the less precious things (which is to say stuff Husband brought to the family) and the rest is happily ensconced for another year.

With all the things are tucked away and we await the Valentines decorating season.