Friday, January 23, 2009

The Perfect Satchel

The perfect satchel has many requirements. I don't really call it a purse as my bag must functions in addition to purse including child accessory tote, lunch bag, book bag, commuter bag and holder of all things the family may require on any trip over 5 minutes.

Required Elements:

1. Big enough to fit all the stuff I need to carry, but not so big that my kids would fit in.

2. Must have at least 2, preferably 3 main compartments as I discovered one main pocket translates to black hole where nothing can be found.

3. Small zippered pocket inside to put the very few beauty products I carry (lip gloss and eyeliner) so as to avoid lipglossed iPod.

4. Shoulder strap: must keep hands free to pick up things my children drop as we make our way to van.

5. Small outside pocket to put train card and bus tickets as I detest hunting for those at darkened bus stop in the morning.

6. Must have proper dimensions to carry a few work papers for reading on commute to work. Papers must not scrunch so as to resemble old grocery lists also at bottom of purse.

7. Must look kind of stylish or at the very least not butt ugly and not cheap. Also, not too shiny, though I know that shiny patent is in now.

8. Must not cost more that $75.

It would be kind of nice if it were also an interesting colour, have a dedicated place for water, coffee mug and lunch. But I know when my sights are set too high.

I have tried backpacks, leather pursy type back backs, messenger bags, briefcasey bags. None have fit the bill.

After an approximately year long search, last spring I found the purse of my dreams, a David Jones bag (not that I'm dropping names or that David Jones is fancy designer. Just passing on a good name in bags):
It met all my requirements plus was an interesting colour. It didn't have anything else on my dream list (place for water etc) but I was thrilled. I found it at Sears. On sale. For $50.

Even more thrilled when I got compliments from friends and work colleagues. But I figured they were just used to seeing me schlep old frayed bag around and a fresh paper bag would have been an improvement worthy of compliment.

When I started having people approach me on the street, in stores and on transit, I knew that I had hit the jackpot. People complimented, gushed and, I dare say coveted my perfect satchel. One of my sisters, who is also always on perfect satchel hunt, even eyed it. Very closely. She's one of the bad cops, so I kept my eye on her pretty closely.

A few months ago, I decided my yellow bag was just not appropriate for winter so I bought a basic black one at Payless. It turned out to be too squishy for papers, and is a giant black hole from which I can never find anything. And I found lip gloss on my cell phone. On top of that my wallet is constantly dumping out inside my purse so it takes me 12 minutes to find my Starbucks cards to buy my Americano Mistos.

So this week, I went on a search. Funnily enough, the one most liked I found was also in Sears and also a David Jones bag. It met all requirements except that it was a bit shiny. It wasn't on sale but at $65, was within the budget.

Then I decided that with the economy the way that it is, the most responsible thing I could do, was save my money, make do with my black hole purse for another month until the tulips and daffodils can be seen and then go back to my yellow wonder-kind. So that's what I'm going to do. In the name of the economy, practice austerity. Make do. How many perfect purses does one girl need?

Unless I decide the economy needs stimulus, in which case I might sneak back for that bag. Which by the way comes in very interesting colours: bronze, red, copper.

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