Friday, January 9, 2009

First Lessons of 2009

On the eve of going back to real life, we had an unpredicted snow storm. Once again we got our money's worth from the best snow tires and a great winter driver (Husband). We all hit the slopes, the slopes of our sidewalk and driveway for the last-shovelling-of-snow.

I learned not to listen to Husband when he prognosticates the last shovelling of snow. I don't blame him, it's the meteorologists who fail to predict the snow squalls or Mother Nature who disguises them as innocuous clouds.

Monday morning the snow had turned to rain. I learned that schools "open" is really only a technicality. Gridlock does not begin to describe the traffic around the school. The parking lot was not plowed and was open only to teachers and staff. The 4 foot wide and high snowbanks eliminated street parking. Even the double drop off lane was down to one snowy track which made dropping off decidedly slow. You add to that people who decided in the absence of a parking lane, they would park in the driving lane, leaving the rest of us to negotiate several tight single lane , made for a round trip of almost an hour (vs. the normal 5 minutes).

By Tuesday the parking lot has been cleared but several spots were piled high with snow. At pickup time, when I must park and pick up S, I learned that getting one of those few precious spots in the parking lot require one to come at least 45 minutes early.

On Wednesday, my first day of 6:00 a.m. wake up call since December 18th, I learned that I can get ready completely in 12 minutes. This includes blow drying my hair to semi-dry state and grabbing something to eat for breakfast on the train.

On Thursday I learned I may have to try to find activities for J Boy in the middle of the night. He climbed into my bed at 4:05 a.m and told me "I'm bored, there's nothing to do in my room".

On Friday, I learned my 12 minutes to get ready does not apply to J Boy. I had my clock radio volume on minimum and only woke up when Husband happened to call at 7:50. I already conceded that S and I would go to school in our pj's (we stay in van) so really I only had to get the J Boy sorted and I had about 12 minutes for that. He came down dressed in yesterday's clothes so I did a quick change of the essentials and guided him to table for breakfast. It was all going well and I thought we might actually be on time, when J decided he MUST watch the end of Scooby Doo. I recorded on PVR and advised him of the usualy consequences for not getting his skinny butt to the basement (no allowance if he gets late slip by his own misconduct; no TV before school next week if he can't leave on time).

Just under the wire he heads to basement when I have to negotiate the jacket situation. He has TWO jackets which the zippers recently broke and a third jacket with a dodgy zipper. This only leaves his winter jacket which he finds "too cold". It's not cozy and he needs a hoody inside to "make it warm". Usual hoody is no where to be seen (but found in lost and found at school later) so I scavenge for back up hoody, which is the one with the dodgy zipper. At some point J gets frustrated and takes off all outer wear and throws to ground. I very maturely grab him and his clothes and deposit into van infuriated that I should have to negotiate so much in the first place PLUS get him dressed twice.

Final lesson, must have coffee for mornings like this!

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