Saturday, January 3, 2009

Back to Life

It has been over 2 weeks away from normal life. Activities, school, work have all taken a back seat to sleeping in, reading, playing with toys and taking shifts on the computer.

The kids have been constant playmates and have gotten along extremely well. They have played in the snow, watched far too much TV, played games, created imaginary worlds and had sleepovers in each other's rooms.

Because they were such good pals this holiday, I spent the most time with Husband since our honeymoon. We actually got to discuss plans for each day, spring break and even our summer holiday. Another week of Christmas vacation and we would have had our retirement mapped out.

Husband's favourite activity has been watching the weather. He's been monitoring high and low pressure areas, probabilities of precipitation and all incoming weather systems. He, of course, has been on top of the almost daily weather warnings: heavy snow fall, wind or black ice. He compares the forecasts in three websites and also monitors satellite pictures and current conditions on Vancouver Island and Washington State to see what systems might be moving here. It's kind of handy to have our own weather reporter on sight. Especially this Christmas.

The J Boy's favourite activity has been playing on the computer. He got 2 new computer games from Santa, and well, Santa knows our boy. He has completed both games. One of them, 3 times and then helped S finish as well. This has lead to some issues over computer sharing: a few snits, sharp words and pouts. But I'm getting better at sharing.

S has spent most of the holidays stalking her Daddy to "cuddle wiff me". Seriously. Daddy has had other things to do. Like monitor our weather. And shovel snow. One night she asked if she and her brother could stay up late to watch Wayside, some cartoon that is only appealing because it comes on after their normal bedtime.

I replied: "Okay, if you promise you'll let Mommy and Daddy watch the hockey game upstairs". She readily agreed. A little too readily, in fact.

"Mommy, can you ask Daddy if he'll cuddle wiff me and watch Wayside?"

I have been checking my email on my new iTouch. Now I normally monitor email pretty closely. But with my iTouch (THANK YOU HUSBAND!!!) I can be working on a puzzle and check email every 40 seconds. I have also, when J granted me an audience with the computer, been checking out which podcasts I like. I have been very quick to point out to Husband that I too can monitor weather as I have a weather icon. Husband points out that it's only the Yahoo weather forecast, even if the graphics are pretty cool. I would be remiss if I didn't admit to iTouch surveillance most days was done in my pyjamas. The first few lazy days we had S would ask "Mommy, is it nighttime? You have your pyjamas on!" I have also shovelled my share of snow (also in my pyjamas). You may have noticed that I also have had a lot of time to blog, 14 blogs to be exact.

Monday may be a bit of a rude awakening.

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