Friday, December 5, 2008


Daily, I marvel in the adorableness of our girlie goo. It doesn't hurt that her adorableness quotient has increased exponentially recently as she is in a sweet behaviour phase (in S's case, that is Mommy code for not many temper tantrums, pouting fits or general grumpiness).

And she wants to spend time with us. On the my mornings I am at home (half of them), she wants to cuddle and read a book, watch TV, play on computer or just have a chat.

But you know what she likes best??? And here I realize that I hit the Mommy jackpot. The girl LOVES Starbucks!! Most Friday's after we drop J boy off at school we head down the hill to our Starbucks. S gets us a table after securing my promise that I will order her the usual breakfast: banana chocolate chip loaf and a glass of water with no ice. I get a coffee and we chat and connect and I soak up every morsel of adorableness because I know from experience that we are at the peak of adorableness and it will fade as she enters grade 1 and spends 6 long hours under the influence of other people.

Today, she wanted to sit on my lap and cuddle while we had our Starbucks and I obliged. As we left I told her "Wow I got cuddles and coffee together, those are my 2 favourite things in the world."

S asked me which I liked more. Not even close, girlie goo, not even close.

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