Saturday, December 27, 2008

24 Hours of Christmas

Our Christmas festivities are jammed into 24 hours. Christmas eve with my family, Christmas morning with our family and Christmas Day dinner with Husband's family.

Christmas eve highlights included the traditional meal, not suitable for low carb diets, of cheese fondue (with fresh sour dough bread) and chocolate fondue (with bananas and mandarin oranges). There was a certain amount of climbing on uncles. We were all happy just to be together

Christmas morning highlights
include Santa finding us at our new location.

Here is a live action shot of S opening her Barbie Mariposa Bath Play Set (she is well trained to smile for photos!)

J Boy wanted my oversized to be the first opened, even before his own. He didn't even seem to mind that he had the fewest presents to open, the result of his own generousity in wanting to be the giver of so many gifts.

Christmas Dinner highlights include finding out that Husband's niece made it to her intended destination. She did need 36 hours, 4 airports, a bus, a plane and a car to get where she was going, but she made it. Her luggage is still making the trip.

We enjoyed enjoyed a delicious turkey dinner, the traditional present stealing game and, as always, lots of laughs.

Husband thought an iPod shuffle might fill the bill for J in terms of giving him an outlet to mellow out. And, it seems, husband was right. Amid the lovely, loud and lively gathering at Husband's parents, he managed to find himself in the most comfortable chair and mellowed out with some tunes.

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