Saturday, November 29, 2008

Party at 7!

It's Party Day and I, uncharacteristically, don't spend a lot of time thinking about the party. S and I have our Friday Starbuck's date after dropping of J boy. We have some errands which include returning a pair of J's pants or we’ll be beyond that 14 day statute of limitations and I will have a pair of corduroys that J will be wearing next summer.

S and I accomplish our mission and we head home where I other things that must be done (that do not include emptying dishwasher or in any way tidying the house).

I dropped S off at kindergarten and I would have been well served to go home and empty the dishwasher or tidy at least one room in the house or even just relax with a cup of tea. But I cannot resist the 90 minutes of alone time and decided to head to the big mall for some errands/Christmas shopping. I shouldn't have bother was most of what I wanted was not available and head back to school to pick up kids.

It’s in the kindergarten parental waiting spot that I am already having this nagging feeling that I should be more worried about the party. Then I learn that a ferry route has been completely shut down for hours as a car drove off a dock. This means traffic, which is already nightmarish on a very rainy Friday rush hour,will be much worse for our trip to the movie theatre. The main alternate route for the ferry commuters will be the same bridge, and only route, that we will take to theatre.

A huge ball of stress grows in my stomache as I envision sitting in traffic lineup for hours with excited kids bouncing off ceilings. I am briefly relieved from my anxiety when I hear that ferry will reopen shortly only to hear that report was premature and the ferry would not be running for hours. I wondered if anyone would make it to the party on time, including my carful of party goers.

I race home with the kids and, not with a great amount of foresight, give them each a candy-covered cupcake - I am about to be locked up in a minivan with the sugar twins. I pack them a small supper and load the car with party accoutrements.

To heighten my angst, I noticed as we backed out of the driveway that the gas tank almost-empty indicator light is on. I debate whether time or gas is more precious. Do I spend the time to fill up or run the risk of running out in a lineup. Though the smart money was on gassing up, I bucked the odds and headed directly for gridlock.

But the traffic, though worse than normal, was not near as bad as my doomsday scenarios. We arrived at train station just in time to pick up Husband and head to theatre. We were early as were most other partiers.

The excitement over the movie and no doubt the freedom from the car for the long commute made the kids as excitable as Democrats on election night. Fortunately the party room was indestructible, though I think the kids pushed it to the limit.

The movie was fabulous and held the kids’ attention for almost 2 hours. We had some brief trauma as we had a lot of kids who needed a simultaneous bathroom break and the movie theatre at 7 on a rainy Friday night resembled Walmart on a 'everything is 80% off' sale. Somehow we seemed to keep track of the 9 kids and herded them back to camp indestrucible for cupcakes and presents and at 7:30 it was all over for another year

It feels good to have J boy 7. Once S has her birthday in September, it feels very much like unfinished business until J boy reaches his new age. So ends the birthday season for another year, though S is already talking about her sixth birthday. She says she wants it to be a surprise.

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